This has been a very difficult week for me. I have let school get the best of me which has resulted in several tears. However, I see the light on the horizon. Summer is almost here. And I am going to start at a new school that allows me to study what I really want to study. I am excited to open a new chapter in my life. I think my photos reflect the difficulty I have had this week. And I sure my mom (who constantly tells me to sit up straight) would have a heart attack seeing the second photo. IT’S NOT ME IT”S SCHOOL MOM.

Love the color and texture of my skirt. Not really flattering but I don’t really care.



2 thoughts on “ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY

  1. You crack me up,,,,who is the “person” that says you are not a great writer? Sorry this week was hard, unfortunately as you are learning not every week is great, however your approach is awesome, you are right!!! only a few more weeks and then a long and well deserved rest. Keep it up baby as always dad is pulling for you. Love you

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