Real or Fake?

Recently I stumbled on this post on one of my favorite blogs.

Stop and read this if your truly love fashion. I did and I am so glad that I stopped for a minute to do so.

I think that she had a lot of great things to point out about the differences between fashion and apparel.

I couldn’t help but think of Iris Apfel while I was reading this. I felt like she was describing her. You can just tell that Apfel could give two shits of what other people think about what she is wearing, and I feel like that is what makes her so unique.

“For me there are two great divides – credible fashion people and, because of my failing descriptive skills, let’s just call it the preoccupation with looking good – the most obvious difference in the two being the emphasis placed on beauty in oneself. To put it simply, fashion people don’t care about how the shirt will make their boobs looks, or whether a skirt will be tight enough to accentuate their butt just so. They look at the merit of the individual item and appreciate it for what it is on its own. In the other, there’s this concern with how pretty an outfit can make oneself appear with the right hair and makeup, the fashion element becoming secondary. Is the art being showcased or is the person being showcased?”



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