On a sick day like today I feel like there are only three things that can make me feel better:

1) Soup

2) The Neti Pot

3) Watching Woody Allen Movies

But seriously, I love Woody Allen. I think he is a fantastic writer and director and not to mention he is HILARIOUS and if you don’t agree then…you don’t have a soul.

Manhattan has to be one of my all time favorites. Seeing New York in black and white makes me want to spend the rest of my life there. But this is not the only visually pleasing aspect of the film, the costumes probably have to be my favorite part. Throughout the film Meryl Streep, Mariel Hemingway, and Diane Keaton all look amazing. Their outfits are great throughout the film, and inspire me everytime I watch the movie (which has been several times, of course).

Both Keaton and Hemingway own the menswear look through out the movie.

But I mean, when doesn’t Keaton look awesome? Fashion inspiration for life.

Anyways, I hope all of you have a lovely Saturday. Go out there and do something fun on my behalf. And if you stay in, you better watch this movie.

Thank me later.


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