DIY- Studded Collar

I seem to have been wearing several collars lately.

Every time I go to the thrift store I walk out with copious amounts of collared shirts which I then turn into collars like this one so that I can wear with sweaters and other tops:


However, the other day I decided to take my collar making skills to another level.

After seeing this photo of Alexa Chung, I was inspired to make something somewhat similar to her collar.

I headed straight to my closet and instantly regretted my past decision to throw out my studded belts even more than how much I regret wearing them.

Luckily I had an unworn shirt from Forever 21 with not only studs, but the perfect studs for my awesome new shirt.

My white collared shirt wasn’t as difficult to find since I use to wear those shirts every day with my high school uniform.

Next up, I just picked the studs off the shirt and hot glued them onto my collar.

TADAAAAAA, the final product:

This is a fool proof DIY guys. Trust me.


4 thoughts on “DIY- Studded Collar

  1. Monica, I just found your blog! You are so adorable and I am super excited to make some collars after reading this!! Thank you!! Ps I miss your adorable family and I hope you all are doing great!! Xo

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