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It is so hard to layer when it’s warm out, but somehow I managed to wear some.

Collars really are great. So are platforms. Probably two of my favorite things in my closet.

I found my t-shirt on sale at U.O. and let me tell ya…it’s a lovely t-shirt.


DIY: ‘Reach for the Stars’ Hair Clip

You know what I have noticed? My DIY usually relate to something Alexa Chung wore, haha.

So today’s DIY is a little cute hair clip.

I have seen some DIY of hair clips with stars but they were pretty big and not really up my alley. But this week I saw a picture of Alexa Chung with a really cute hair clip and thought to myself, “HEY! I can make that.” And guess what? I think you can make it too. It didn’t take me long at all to whip this together, and it was actually quiet an enjoyable process (excluding the minor burns I got from my glue gun).

What you need:

1) Acrylic Paint (I got the martha stewart brand because I thought the colors were really nice but any acrylic will do!)

2) Paint Brush

3) Hair Clip

4) Glue Gun

5) Wooden Stars

6) Glitter Paint (Optional–I didn’t take pictures of the paint I used because I didn’t really like how it turned out.)

How to do it:

1) Get all your materials ready!

2) Paint your stars individually

3) Once the paint has dried, use the glue gun to stick the stars onto the hair clip

4) And that’s it!

See I told you it was easy! I will take pictures with the clip soon.



I finally cleaned out my closet and sold the clothes that I never wear anymore which gave me an excuse to go shopping.
This dress is one of the many things I got this week. I am so in love with this dress. I found it in the sale section at Urban Outfitters which makes me love it even more. 🙂 Hopefully I will get to wear it a lot over the summer. How awesome is the cut?

Saddle Up

Well I remember while I was in high school that I vowed I would never wear saddle shoes again…EVER.

Little did I know Rachael Antonoff would make me want to break that personal vow I made.

As my show obsession goes on, I bought some new red saddle shoes because…WHY NOT?

Pink Hair Don’t Care

Between moving, graduations, and watching mad men it has been nearly impossible for me to post anything.

But I have an important update. I dyed my hair pink! It has been really fun having it pink and getting to do cool hair styles to it.

I want to make up some pathetic excuse as to why I haven’t been blogging, like “I HAVEN’T BEEN WEARING CLOTHES Y’ALL!” But you and I both know that is not the truth.

But hey consider this my apology.

New music from Animal Collective.

I told them what I did and they posted this to make it all better.




shirt-thrifted skirt-thrifted socks-my moms shoes-UO

Well this outfit definitely took me back to my high school uniform days. I really love this skirt though. It also makes me feel like I am Cher Horowitz in Clueless (which of course is a wonderful feeling). I told myself that I would probably never wear a plaid skirt after graduating from high school, but clearly that didn’t fly. Oh and speaking of flying no I have never been to Belgium, but how rad is that shirt?